Writing Tips for Beginners

Nowadays, people tend to buy fewer books. And in general, sociologists say that we don’t read serious literature as often as people did forty years ago. Also, even though serious literature will never be out of fashion, in our times, we don’t have enough time for reading! Does it mean that we don’t need writers anymore? Of course, not, and like everything else in this world, literature changes with time. For example, look at A Song of Ice and Fire, or The Witcher, these are great examples of popular modern serious literature. And we are not even mentioning short novels, stories, or manga that has become a genre of literature by itself. 

After analyzing all these factors, we can say that today, we have the best conditions for beginner writers. With the help of the Internet, almost everyone can learn how to write a novel, promote it and find his or her readers. If you can’t sleep at night thinking, “I want to write a novel,” then you should know that the time has come for you to realize your wish, or at least try to. After all, many people from all around the world dream about becoming professional writers, and no one will blame you for trying to make your dreams come true.

Why Do People Become Writers?

No matter how old you are, becoming a writer doesn’t require too many various resources. For example, you don’t need to attend any universities or spend sleepless nights working on some technological, because as a writer, you will be traveling, seeking ideas, reading other authors in search of new literary techniques, and writing nice stories by yourself. Of course, this highly rewarding process attracts many different people. Some of them want to become popular, others want to share their ideas with the whole world, and there are even those who believe that this will help them find a wife online. All these reasons have the right to exist, and no matter what is the main reason behind your desire, you should know that you can become a writer with enough effort.

Of course, the main thing that you should consider before making any steps towards becoming a writer is that you should be ready to work a lot. Often, people believe that writers travel, relax, and rarely write something that surely will become a masterpiece. Unfortunately, this is survivorship bias. Well, we hear about successive writers, their creations, we play games about fictional writers, watch movies about them so on and so forth. Because of this, we begin to believe that becoming a writer is a very easy task, and everyone can do this. Unfortunately, only a few people manage to become popular and well-known, even if they can create real masterpieces.

How to Start Write

As we have said, the Internet is full of various book writing tips for beginners, but the only thing that you need to do to become a successful writer is to start writing and publishing your novels online. There are many websites for young writers, where they can publish their works for free and even ask for donations from their readers. Also, their users can point to your mistakes and things that you may want to improve. Of course, not all of the internet users are trustworthy, but, at least, you will know the general picture.

1. Start small

You are making a huge mistake if you are planning to write something as huge as The Lord Of The Rings. Yes, you may have many good ideas, but if you decide to start writing something really big, you will put too much weight on yourself, and chances are very high that you will never be able to finish your work.

2. Look for examples

Of course, you should never copy stories that were written by other authors. But you can try to adapt their style or their manner of storytelling. You will have to spend a huge amount of time working and reading other authors before you will be able to create your own writing style.

3. Try different genres

Yes, maybe you are a fan of phantasy, or maybe you like science fiction, and of course, you want to write in your favorite genre. To start writing a short novel in your favorite genre is a great idea, but, in the beginning, you should never concentrate on a single literary genre. Instead, try writing small novels in various genres.

4. Write regularly

The rule of writing is simple: the more you write and create, the better you become at this. Make sure that you are doing the best you can to improve the quality of your works. Also, it is great if you manage to create a working schedule. Thus, you will teach yourself to work without waiting for inspiration.

5. Avoid repeating yourself 

Frequently, young authors tend to use the same storylines and narration methods in different novels. Yes, all popular writers have their style and number of tools that they use to tell a story, but at the beginning, the more different methods and tools you use, the better you will become.

How to Accept Your Failures?

The first thing that you should consider when you start thinking about how to start writing a novel for beginners is a way of dealing with your failures. Unfortunately, writing is not only about having a great concept in your mind, but also about ways of rendering it for other people, and often people fail in the second part. Be ready to accept criticism and work hard on improving the quality of your novels.

Do you know the main difference between successful and unsuccessful people? Their spheres of activity don’t matter because the only thing that matters is that successful people know how to effectively deal with failures and avoid them in the future while unsuccessful people get wrecked by their failures. Even the most successful people make mistakes and face criticism. Remember, failures are a very important part of our lives.

Writing tips for beginners

As we have said, the Internet is full of various fiction writing tips for beginners, but sometimes, it is very hard to find really good and useful tips, especially when you are a beginner. So, we’ve decided to give you our own list of 10 tips on writing a book or a short novel.


You have chosen the wrong field of activity if you lack patience. Sometimes writing a good book may take years. In your case, don’t expect that you will finish a short novel in a couple of days.

Enjoy what you do

There no tips for beginner writers that may help you write something good if you don’t like what you are doing. Enjoy your work.

Write for yourself

As we have said, if you are planning to become a writer because you want money, then you have a terrible plan. Write only because you want to write and want to share something with your readers. No more, no less.

Take more practice

The rule is simple: the more you have practice, the better you become. Remember?

Be consistent

You must set clear goals to be able to find the best ways to achieve them.

Try to put emotions in it

Every good list of tips for writing a book for beginners will tell you that without real emotions and feelings, your novel will never be popular.

Find an editor

When you are trying to become a writer, a good editor is your food, mother, father, and God. Remember this.

Try to hook the reader

Search for novel writing tips that include ways to hook up your reader if you lack ideas by yourself. But this has to be some plot twists or your personal style peculiarities that can attract attention.

Understand your audience

Before writing something, you should find your target audience since books for adults are very different from books for teenagers or kids.

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You won’t be able to create your own writing style without references, and you get references when you read works written by other authors. Remember, the lower the expectations you have, the more chances you have to become a successful writer. If you want to become a writer just because you like this style of life or want to become popular, you should find something else. Writing is about hard work because you will have to read and write a lot. Often, a real masterpiece appears only after numerous rewritings. But, you have nothing to fear if storytelling is your thing, even if you have no writing skill. Nowadays, the Internet is full of tips for beginning writers, tips on writing a novel for dummies. You only need to know how to use them well.