Rachelle Dawson is a writer, wife, mother, and follower of Jesus Christ.

Writer:Rachelle has published nonfiction articles for women, teens, crafters, and readers. Her articles have appeared in P31 WomanSusieDivineWomen of the Cross, and Christian Work-at-Home Moms. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Concord University. She completed her degree in two and a half years and lived to tell about it.

Wife: Rachelle’s marriage has been shaped by six moves within six years. The pressure of packing and unpacking, adapting and struggling, rooting and uprooting—it has forced Rachelle to learn more about her husband than she might have otherwise. It has also given her the opportunity to hone her apology skills.

Mother:Rachelle loves being a mama to her daughter. One smile can change the course of a day.

Follower of Jesus Christ: Rachelle has known Jesus since childhood, but her faith has traveled through ups and downs. When she was ready to walk away from Him, He pursued her relentlessly.