Six Writing Websites to Use in 2018

Musicians have SoundCloud, Vloggers have YouTube and writers have gadgets and gizmos that help inspire their ideas. Writing sites are excellent tools to keep stashed away and turn to in times of distress, or when facing a writer’s block. These writing websites have concrete ideas and an assortment of napkins scribbled with character tics, amazing quotes, and plot lines. They offer publishing advice, and business tips and everything in between that will fuel your creativity and enhance productivity.

Whatever kind of writer you are: a journalist, a blogger, or an author, and if you ask where can i pay someone to write my paper, the following websites will help you reach your full potential. The websites featured in this article meet the following features:

  • The content is helpful to any writer
  • The website is updated often.
  • Others readers recommend the sites.
  • Blogging

    1. Copyblogger

    If you in need of valuable information that drives traffic and builds up your business, copy blogger is the right fit. The company created by Brian Clark has been in the business of online content since 1998. Learn how to create original content weekly for free. It is not about SEO or social media or blogging, you need to master the skill of content creation. Freely register for a Copyblogger account and access the training library with countless articles and audio recordings from Rainmaker FM and Copyblogger. Meet other professional bloggers and creators of the Rainmaker platform and elevate your skills to the next level.

    2. ProBlogger

    In-depth tutorials on blogging and tips on how to create and grow your blog. For the last decade it has been the blogging platform of choice for many writers. The ProBlogger blog has over 800 articles, podcasts and a Job Board for bloggers. The well-organized website has eight portals to help you quickly navigate the site. The entrances are well highlighted under the heading ‘I need help to….’ On the front page. To get the most out of the website, subscribe to their free weekly newsletter, the ProBloggerPLUS to stay in touch with the community. There are blogging resources and tools recommended by ProBlogger owner Darren Rowse worth checking out. Join ProBlogger and make money, understand technology, create content and be productive. Boost Your Creativity

    3. Aliventures

    It does not matter what level of writing proficiency you are at, Aliventures has something for you. The website is all about mastering the art: why do you write? The craft: what are the necessary techniques for writing a novel, which words to use and the structure of the story. Business writing: this is the non-writing staff, marketing the content, organizing your time and much more. It covers both fiction and non-fiction writing, and they send out weekly newsletters containing good writing tips and useful links to posts.

    4. Ann Kroeker

    A writing coach, editor, and author. This articulate lady dedicates her time to motivating emerging writers to be more creative, curious and productive. There is no writing hurdle she hasn’t tackled in her posts. Services provided include:

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Curated content on social media
  • Podcasts
  • Articles
  • Speaking
  • Be more curious, creative and have fun achieving your goals.

    5. DIY MFA (Master of Fine Arts)

    MFA is a vibrant website that equips you with the skills to write with focus, read books and articles with purpose and build the community. If you haven’t made writing a priority in your life, you will not succeed as a writer. Get involved with writing exercises, and prompts and discover tools to keep you motivated and finish up the project on time. Learn how to:

  • Set the right mood for writing.
  • Create characters for your stories
  • Plot archetypes and power plays
  • Create a reading list
  • Learn from the writing masters
  • The books to include in your library
  • Besides, the website will teach you on ways to build a community of readers for your work. It also provides tips on how to find a group of trusted writers that will support you in your writing career: give you feedback and challenge you to be the best.

    6. Bang2write

    The website is solely for screenwriters, novelists, and all freelance writers. It is ranked among the top 100 websites for writers by the Write Life. It is number 1 in the UK and among the top finalists in the Feedspot’s top 10 screenwriting blogs.

    This high profile website focuses on genre, submissions, social media, characterization and common mistakes made by writers. It exists in many platforms like the B2W Facebook group, a closed group where Bang2Write members can share their ideas. Moreover, it aims to ensure writers make informed choices about their work and use the right tools. Join them and enjoy current courses like London Screenwriters festival on 7-9th September at Regents’ University, and Introduction to screenwriting on 5th of October at Exeter Phoenix.