God’s Help in All Things

How many times a day do you ask God for help?

I tried to think through my last few days and concluded, Not nearly enough. Especially given the fact that Jesus said we can do nothing apart from Him (John 15:5). Do I ask His help as I cook, clean, plan our menu, grocery shop, fold laundry, pay bills, or run errands? Not usually. But I spend so much time on these tasks. Why shouldn’t I want Christ to make me fruitful in those areas?

What would happen if we asked God's help in daily details?

© CC-BY Brenda Gottsabend. Used by permission.

Instead, I tend to ask for help when I feel incompetent or uncomfortable. Intercession is one such area. This month, I’ve been focusing on praying for friends of our family who are experiencing big troubles. I’ve started off a number of prayer times this month with, “Holy Spirit, help me pray.”

And He does.

Bold requests roll off my lips—not the way I normally pray. Scriptures pop up in my mind, and I know I need to pray those Scriptures for our friends at those moments.

I wonder what might happen if I began to pray all throughout my day, “Lord, help me cook this oatmeal with love for my family. Fill me with joy as I serve them by doing laundry. Help me drive this car in a way that honors You. Teach me to shop the way You want me to.”

What would happen?

Lord, teach me to seek Your will in the details of life. I’m so tired of running the show, yet I often don’t realize when I’m doing it. I need more of You and less of me.

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