4 Readings about Self-Control

I’ve written before how a change in perspective can help us see new opportunities. Each of the following articles examines self-control from a different perspective. I found them helpful on my journey this month, and I hope you will too.

  • “Is Self-Control Really Possible?” from Christianity That Works. Looks at self-control from the stance that desires are not sinful, but how we deal with those desires can be sin. Also ties in this year’s theme passage from 2 Peter. Read to the end for a list of practical suggestions in building self-control.
  • “The Fierce Fruit of Self-Control” by John Piper of Desiring God. Emphasizes how self-discipline is a gift from God.
  • “Developing Self-Control” by Mark Roberts of Westside Church of Christ in Irving, Texas. Recommends taking small steps in the process of building self-control. I like how he illustrates the value of self-control with his scenario of choosing between $10 million or self-control.
  • “Cultivating Self-Control,” transcript of a sermon by Steve Bilynskyj at Valley Covenant Church of Eugene, Oregon. Discusses the seeming paradox of self-control and Holy Spirit control. Points out the connection between discipline and humility and submission.

Understanding discipline and how it works in the Christian life is a good step toward knowing what we can do to cooperate with God’s work in us.

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