Finding a System That Works

We’ve been discussing self-control this month. For some of us, the tempting area is money. For others, it’s food. For me and many others I know, it’s time. We’re so busy trying to manage daily life that we miss out on God’s bigger plans for us.

Following God is not about methods and systems. But sometimes methods and habits can be tools to put us one step closer to where we need to be in order to fulfill God’s plans for us.

After having a baby, I desperately needed a system of life and time management that would help me tackle both the daily responsibilities and the projects that were important but maybe not urgent. I certainly haven’t reached a place of perfection, but after experimenting for many months, I have found a system that works for me at this stage of my life.

If you’re still looking for a system that works (or you know someone else who’s searching), please check out my guest post at Christian Mommy Blogger, “Loop Scheduling: A Life Management Method Explained.”

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