Are We Chasing Excellence or Perfectionism?

The spark behind my prayer experiment, as I explained at the beginning of the month, was Peter’s instruction for believers to strive for excellence. I tried to set up the experiment with realistic expectations for myself. Even so, things have not gone according to plan. My circumstances have been in a state of change during the course of the month.

I wouldn’t say the experiment has been a failure. I have spent more time in prayer than I would have otherwise. But I feel far from a place of excellence.

Today I am pondering the difference between excellence and perfectionism. I don’t agree with everything in the post I’m going to point you to, but I do think it offers some wisdom in identifying the two. I hope you find it helpful, as I did: “Excellence Vs. Perfectionism” by Sarah Zink.

Perfectionism might call my experiment thus far a failure. Excellence, I think, would urge me to keep trying, learning, and growing.

Is perfectionism a temptation for you?

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