Spiritual Disciplines as Exercises in Faith

This month, I’ve been conducting a faith experiment. I felt God wanted me to trust His provision enough to let go of possessions I’m not using. I planned to set aside five things for each day of January which I could pass on to someone else who would use those items. Though I won’t continue this practice forever, it has served as a spiritual discipline for me this month.

Other spiritual disciplines are more permanent parts of my walk with Jesus. As I’ve been reflecting on faith this month, I’ve seen how faith is required in all these disciplines.

I set aside time nearly every day to read and reflect on the Bible and pray. Sometimes God impresses something on me so strongly during that time which I need to do. Or I come with a specific need on my heart and ask God what to do, and the answer is unmistakable. Not every morning is like that, though. But I keep coming back because I trust that God will use these mornings as He sees fit, regardless of how spectacular they feel on any given day.

Many things are beneficial for us, but our feelings won’t always agree. Disciplines help bridge that gap between what truly is and what we feel. Disciplines are our way of saying, “I trust You, God, that when I try to cooperate with You, You’ll honor that. You’ll work in my life. You’ll work through my life.”

Where do you feel like giving up today? Or where have you already given up?

Maybe daily prayer is a struggle. Start with five minutes a day.

Maybe you’ve stopped going to church. Write it on your calendar this week.

Maybe you fall behind every time you start a Bible reading plan. Don’t stop. If it takes you ten years to complete a one-year plan, it’s worth the effort.

Maybe you know God called you to a particular ministry, but it’s a difficult place to be. Keep showing up. Don’t quit.

To be sure, there is a time for quitting. But if you’re quitting out of discouragement, today is not that time.

God will respond when we act in faith, not because our faith is impressive but because He is impressive.

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